iCANX Association


Headquartered in Switzerland, the iCANX Association (the ” iCANX “) unites scholars, researchers, and industry leaders dedicated to humanity, social progress, and environmental advancement. It operates as a non-profit, independent, and impartial organization, focusing on global public interests.

With unwavering dedication, the iCANX showcases scientific and technological innovation, blending attributes from various organizational types, including public and private sectors, international bodies, and academic institutions.

iCANX plays a unique role in global academia, providing a neutral space for collaboration among leading academics, scientists, researchers, tech innovators, and civil society representatives. Together, they drive innovation for our society’s future.

The iCANX distinguishes itself through the following characteristics:


iCANX operates with neutrality, devoid of any ideological interests or political influences. Its unwavering commitment lies in effecting positive change in the world through human-centered and sustainable means.


Recognizing the intricate interconnectedness of our global ecosystem, iCANX brings attention to the barriers and conflicts prevalent within our society.


iCANX actively engages members from all interested parties and domains.


iCANX maintains a steadfast focus on long-term commitment, prioritizing sustainable solutions over transient emergencies or contemporary issues.

iCANX Institute

Through these initiatives, we are reshaping the academic and entrepreneurial landscape, positioning sci-tech graduates at the center of economic change, addressing environmental concerns, and paving the way for a brighter and more innovative future.

Tailored for science and technology graduates aspiring to become entrepreneurs in the realm of high-tech innovation, the CEO program facilitates the transition for those with technical expertise and leadership ambitions to attain top-tier positions. This is achieved by merging their sci-tech background with a comprehensive understanding of business education.

Academic Governance & Partnership

The iCANX Institute maintains strong connections with the academic world through its global network of iCANX family members.

Leading universities

are the originators of iCANX Institute, and operate under the guidance of the iCANX Association Board. The founding member of iCANX Institute plays a crucial role in shaping the academic strategy and governance of the institution.
List of founding universities: coming soon

Partnership universities

are academic institutions that collaborate with the iCANX Institute on specific training and academic projects. While they are not part of the institute’s governing body, they play a crucial role in advancing the institute’s academic goals and projects.
List of partnership universities: coming soon.

iCANX Certificate Program

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iCANX Program of Advanced Master Studies

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