The exhibition at the event serves as a dynamic showcase of the latest innovations, technologies, and solutions within the industry. It offers attendees the opportunity to interact directly with exhibitors, explore cutting-edge products and services, and forge valuable connections with industry leaders and experts.




Booth Roundtable Discussions

  • You can define the topics.
  • You invite and match with other guests who can speak to these topics.
  • Jointly identify win-win opportunities.
  • Utilize the iCANX Summit platform to cultivate relationships and enhance visibility.

International Booth Reception

  • Participate in the international booth reception.
  • Invite selected guests.
  • iCANX Summit participants from your country/region can gather at your booth within the conference.
  • Connect with other nations/regions.

Ticketing and Partnering System

  • Depending on the selected package, 2 or 4 conference tickets are included.
  • Ticket holders have full access to the iCANX Summit as well as to its partnering area. One-to-one meetings will take place on-site as you choose, either at your booth or the meeting area.